Battery Charging Very Slow or Not Charging – iOS 7

Many users are experiencing a drastic change in the speed of fully charging their devices since the iOS 7 update. Some report not being able to fully charge their iPads after leaving the device plugged in overnight!

The Issue

It appears the iOS 7 update has increased the power demand of the device. This means that the normal power sources users used before to charge their devices may no longer be powerful enough or compatible even though they were prior to the update. According to a genius bar rep, the iPads are not designed to be charged from a standard USB port or from an iPhone power adapter.

The Fix

Please try using the original wall charger that came with the device to charge. Many users report success after switching to an official 12 watt charger. The iPhone power adapters are 5 watts and will charge your iPad very slowly. The iPad chargers has more than twice the iPhone’s power at 12 watts. Off brand chargers varies in power and are not recommended; it has also been reported that Apple has disabled functionality of many third party devices since the update. Please use an official 12 watt Apple charger to charge your device. Please test that this works for your device (borrow your friend’s charger) before you go off buying a new charger. You can also try resetting the device by holding the power and home button until the Apple logo appears.

Tips on Charging

  • Do not use the device when charging
  • Turning the device off when charging will make it charge faster
  • Use an official Apple 12W charger
  • Charge the device using a wall charger; do not charge by a usb port
  • Turn off many of the unnecessary features especially the Background App Refresh (read “Extend the Battery Life“)

iP@d N3rds


  1. I have done everything suggested but my Ipad will not charge at all after installing the new IOS 7 update. I am using the original charger, have turned the lighting down to 30% and have reset but it will still not charge. It is down to 10% and from all the notices I have read apple seems to not think they are responsible after sending out a faulty update! I paid more for my IPad than I did for my laptop and now can’s use it? Please help!

  2. I made the mistake of downloading ios 7 and now my ipad 3 won’t even start up. It only displays an iTunes and charger symbol. The screen continues to switch back and forth between the “apple” icon and this charger screen. I can’t even get to anything else on my ipad. I’ve tried holding down the on/off switch and home button – but nothing happens. My ipad was working perfectly fine until this update. Please help – this is frustrating.

    • Hi Kara, I was wondering if you could give me some advices. Have you got any sollution yet…I have been suffering with same probs you got…

  3. I’m having the same problem. The IPad goes back and forth from 1% to 100% charged in the blink of an eye. Do you think it could be the cord?

  4. how can we replace the ac port on the ipad? took mine into a MAC pros outlet here in costa mesa. guy used the 10 wt connector then the 12 wt connector and told me i had a bad ac port! who does this change and how much does it cost? any answers would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Hi, i just upgraded yesterday and am now experiencing the same thing as you, of super slow ipad charging. Your posts date to as far back as October, have you had any luck finding a solution yet?

  6. Alas, same problems with charging. Turning don the brightness AND turning off wifi also makes a huge difference. However, the idea that Apple thinks shuttling us like cattle through a chute towards new products burns my hide! The new Windows tablets are looking better by the minute when I read that Apple charges people to replace their iPads when the update has rendered them unusable. A smart company would either sell the 12 w. Chargers at a deeply discounted price or provide them at no cost to folks like me who have had their iPads for a while. Anyone else missing Steve Jobs?

  7. I’m having same problem with slow charge since installing last update. The charge icon doesn’t even turn green. I turn off when charging but still takes 3times as long.

  8. My daughter and I have had the same problems since upgrading our iPad minis to 7.0. We went to bestbuy in the mall to purchase new chargers cause both ours appeared to be broke. The bestbuy rep. Told us if we just upgraded to 7.0 we would have to purchase an apple only charger because he’s seeing a lot of people who have upgraded to the new version coming in claiming their chargers no longer work.well to no avail we purchased one yesterday for $20.00. We charged hers overnight and it at at least allows the iPad to charge, but only. Charged up to 75%. Super slow charge. If this continues I might try to remove the upgrade. Disappointed in Apple. My daughter likes apple to comm. with teenage friends, but I will personally stick with droids in future.

  9. Same problems since upgrading! Charge does not turn green while charging, which is very slow and will not hold the charge! My iPad no longer turns off when I close the cover. I checked and double checked and the lock/unlock is correct.

    I understand it’s not possible to go back to previous os? Very disappointed in Apple!

  10. I am disappointed in Apple I can’t seem to get my Ipad to charge either. I am going to buy an Ipad only charger and hope that helps.

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