Turning Private Browsing On/Off for Safari – iPad iOS 7

Enabling private browsing on Safari protects private information and blocks websites from tracking your behavior. It also keeps Safari from remembering the pages you visit, your search history, and your AutoFill data.

Enabling Private Browsing on iOS 7

1. Go to the Favorites page by adding a new tab.


Private Browser iOS 7


2. On the bottom left corner of the Favorites page is the Private Browsing button. Press ‘Private’ to turn Private Browsing on. (Missing the ‘Private’ button? Read here)

Private Browser iOS 7


3. You will get prompted to close or keep all opened tabs.

Private Browser iOS 7


4. The browser will change to a dark scheme to signal that it is in private browsing mode.

Private Browser iOS 7


Disabling Private Browsing on iOS 7

5. To disable the private browsing function, open the Favorites page by opening a new tab and press the ‘Private’ button on the bottom left corner. (Missing the ‘Private’ button? Read here)

Private Browser iOS 7


6. You will again be prompted to close or keep all opened tabs.

Private Browser iOS 7

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  1. Thank you very much. I was not able to find this information anywhere else. exactly what I wanted to know.

  2. I’ve been trying to use Yahoo mail and it keeps telling me I must disable Private browsing in order for it to work but I’m not having any success. I still don’t know what they mean…
    I thought it meant ” tracking”under “Privacy” choices

  3. Thank you very much for the tip. I was not able to read my mails on the yahoo page, but thanks to your tip on removing the private browsing, I now can.

  4. Thank u soooo much for ur tip! I think i read the whole manual twice for the ipad mini and still cpuldnt find my answer. But thanks to u, I am back to normal again. All I can say is thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!

  5. Thanks! The best thing for us slow grasping people. Thanks again for taking the time to show pictures!

  6. When I go and hit private, the option screen comes up but wether I hit close all or keep all, it locks up and will not turn off private browsing. What now?

  7. Soooooooo helpful!! Ur fix for disenabling Private Browsing worked a treat! God knows why there is no longer a simple option to turn Private Browsing on/off in Settings>Safari anymore?!! Thank you!

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