Delete All Songs on iOS 7

Apple allows users two options for removing songs – either delete them all or one at a time. Learn how to delete single songs here.

Remove All Music

1. Go to Settings >Usage

Remove All Music iOS 7

2. Press ‘Music’

Remove All Music iOS 7

3. Press ‘Edit’ on the top right corner.

Remove All Music iOS 7

4. Press the minus (-) sign.

Remove All Music iOS 7

5. Press ‘Delete’ to confirm the removal of your entire music library.

Remove All Music iOS 7

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  1. Thank you so much. Couldn’t download any music to my mini when I first got it, but that was okay because i play my music from my phone. But then after an ios update for the mini came out, all of a sudden i had all this music (that I didn’t want) on my mini. And I could not make it go away, no matter what sync selection I choose or which way i swiped! Very frustrating. Thanks again. Now my mini is mine again!

  2. Thank you so much. My ipad mini wanted to sync another library (I started a new one), but for some odd reason wouldn’t erase the old stuff on the ipad mini, So had to find a way to delete nearly 500 songs.

  3. Thanks soooo much. So simple when you know how so thanks again for solving a problem which has caused me so much frustration over the last couple of days

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