Fix Battery Drain Issue with the iOS 7

There have been reports of some iPad users having massive battery draining issues after updating to iOS 7. iPads affected by this issue will last no longer than a day. The issue does not have to do with leaving the wifi or bluetooth on, in fact it is much simpler than that.

On some devices after updating to iOS 7, the Auto-Lock option gets changed to Never. That means your screen is always on. It may look like it is off, but in fact it just dims after a certain amount of time if left a lone. You will need to change the Auto-Lock setting to fix the issue.

Fixing the Battery Draining Issue on iOS 7

1. Go to Settings > General > Auto-Lock

iOS 7 Battery Draining Issue - Fix!

2. Change the Auto-Lock to the desired setting. (2 minute is recommended; the faster the screen is off, the more battery you will have)

iOS 7 Battery Draining Issue - Fix!

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  1. Thanks. I had massive power loss. Not sure if it was on before because I just did a full reset, and this setting was at 15 minutes. It’s now at 2 minutes.

    Here’s hoping that it works!

    Thanks for the advice/assistance.

  2. Same problem. Battery completely drained 24 hours after installing ios7. Changed Auto-Lock from NEVER to 2 MINUTES as recommended. It works – so far.

  3. Follow-up to yesterday’s comment. Solution to the flat battery problem is spot on. Battery usage now normal. Thanks a million. You’ve saved me a trip to the Apple Store!

  4. I too hope this fixes my iPad as I was dreading having to try book an appt. at the nearest (quite faraway!!!), Apple store……

  5. Both the initial iOS 7 upgrade and the subsequent update enabled Bluetooth when I had it turned off took me a while to notice and turn it off again, which slowed the battery drain noticibly.

  6. No luck on my Ipad 2. I downloaded IOS 7.3 and all hell broke loose. Checked all settings. Put it in airplane mode, shut down any services and still the battery was toast… before the IOS update – I was just fine… coincidence … I think not. Apple owes me a free fix. I’ll see how the charge is in the morning…

  7. After reading this, I checked to see if my auto-lock was off, and it was already on 2 minutes. I’m very confused why my battery drains so quickly!! I use it for school, and it barely lasts a day.

  8. Wow thanks. Such a simple thing to correct. Saved me a fortune. Was panicking I would have to take to store and be charged. Thank you sooooo much.

  9. Tried suggestions and still massive drain on new ipad mini. Used to last days but after upgrade it will drain from 100% to 0 within 2 hours with little use at all. Something I’ve noticed is that it charges much faster too. Will go from 0 to 100% in about 30 minutes.

    • I would try to calibrate the battery. Run the device until battery has drained and the devices shuts down itself. Afterwards, recharge the battery until it is fully charged and then reset the device.

      • I finally determined that the battery drain on my iPad must be due to change in ios7 handling of bluetooth interface. To prevent the drain, I turn off the bluetooth interface every time I set aside my iPad. Haven’t had a dead iPad since. Before doing this, my iPad would typically drain battery to 0 nearly every night.

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