Flash for the iPad (All Gens) – Play Facebook Games on your iPad

How to get Flash for your iPad (All Gens)

Play Facebook Games on your iPad

There were many reasons why the iPad was intentionally designed not to support flash, including security issues, battery consumption, and flash is not really designed for touch screens. However, there are ways to use Flash on your iPad.

Since the iPad does not natively support Flash, you will need to download and install a flash supported browser. This means that you will have to use a different web browser whenever you want to run flash sites. There are many Flash supported browsers available to download in the App Store. Here are some of the best one’s that will allow your iPad to view flash websites, play flash games, and watch flash videos.

puffin_browser    Puffin Web Browser

The free version comes with a free two week trial and if you are satisfied with the product you can purchase the full version for $2.99. I would recommend using the trial first to see if you like it. Overall I was very pleased with the app and with my iPad Mini I was able to fully run flash smoothly with the browser.

iswifter_logo     iSwifter

iSwifter is a free Flash supported browser and is probably the best free browser out there. I had no issues with the app and it ran flash smoothly. My iPad Mini was able to fully run flash, however I have heard of some compatibility issues with older iPads.

photon_browser     Photon Flash Player

This is another great alternative. However, this one costs $4.99 and works just as well as Puffin.

Choose a browser and go!

The three browsers allowed me to fully use flash. I was able to browse through ESPN’s flash site, play Facebook games, and watch videos on Youtube.com desktop mode on my iPad.

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