Fix WiFi Issue for iOS 7

There have been numerous reports of iPad users unable to connect to their WiFi network since updating to the new iOS 7. There can be many reasons why the device is unable to connect and this is the most common solution.

Fix WiFi Connecting Issue

1. Go to Settings -> Airplane Mode – Turn ‘Airplane Mode’ on.

Fix Wifi Connection Issue iOS 7

2. Go to Settings -> General -> Reset

Fix Wifi Connection Issue iOS 7

3. Press ‘Reset Network Settings’

Fix Wifi Connection Issue iOS 7

4. Confirm the reset.

Fix Wifi Connection Issue iOS 7

5. Restart your router and turn ‘Airplane Mode’ off. This should fix the connection issue and allow you to connect to your network.

Fix Wifi Connection Issue iOS 7

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  1. Hi,

    Thank you it worked for me…….let’s hope it is fine by now and the wifi will keep on working.

  2. It works but once you leave the house and come back to the home wifi you have to do this step every time…this is extremely annoying…are they going to fix this???

  3. This fix did not work for me. I have done the following:

    1. Upgraded the firmware. Same result.
    2. Downgraded the firmware from the original. Same result.
    3. Changed the SSID. Same result.
    4. Changed the WPA key.
    5. Updated from IOS 6 to iOS 7. No change.
    6. Did your recommended procedure. No change.

    At this point, unless someone else has any ideas that might work, I’m going to be taking this thing back and buying a different brand of tablet. This is kind of ridiculous. I’ve spent countless hours diagnosing network issues in a previous profession with nothing quite like this. My ipod touch, girlfriends ipad, daughters ipod touch, iphone 4, 4s, 5 and 5c have not had these problems. Only with this new ipad mini.

  4. after resetting, always found air plane mode “off” and then nothing change. Has anyone have different idea?

  5. This connection issue just started for us tonight. Using a combination Xfinity Modem/Router we can get on the wireless network no problem with our Windows computers, but not with the ipads (X2) or iphone.

  6. not working with me

    original message

    Hi ,since i updated to IOS 7.3 i have three problems, First the sound for video and musiqu is dispered for my Iphone only i have to use my headphone .Secondly , all my musiqe is gona and finally i can not use USB in my computer it got message that the problem with your apple device and softwere…..anyone can help me on that????

  7. Couldn’t connect either of my iPads to my two Iphone 4s using personal hotspot (IOS7).
    My local Apple shop just told me to hard reset ALL FOUR devices !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your ‘reset network settings’ did the trick.
    Do Apple not train their staff?
    Hats off to the nerds! Thanks!

  8. i used the method stated above just 10 minutes ago. wifi connection has restored and so for working fine. lets hope and pray that it keep on working. thanks a lot for telling above method.

  9. after doing above method, it worked for around 15 minutes and then stuck is still in same position. wifi button seems to be freezed.

  10. I have an ipad 2 updated to ios 7.0.3 an connecting to iphone 5 updated to ios 7.0.3. Connects ok but continuously drops out then asks to select wifi network and add password, is this common or just my issue, it only started since ios 7. was released.

  11. Doing the airplane mode, resetting the network, and turning the router off & on worked. Thank you so much!

  12. This is totally unacceptable.
    If this was Microsoft everyone would be having a go. The above “fixes” are rubbish. Stop trying to hide the fact that the flaw in the os7 is the worst I’ve come across in the history of apple. Having an iPad and trying to load a web page for three minute’s is crazy. Apple get your finger out and sort your problems for your overpriced toys. really the world is catching up, no more riding the waves. Fix the problem

    • Agree with you.. This was supposed to be an upgrade and it has caused nothing but problems… I am rethinking getting a new iPad, which was what I was about to do… I shouldn’t have to go through all of the above steps ( which I wasn’t made aware of either) when I upgrade…

  13. This fix did not work with Comcast I would never of upgraded to ios 7, this has been 2 days of playing around with this. Is Apple now part of the government, because they are work the same way, not at all.

  14. I had a gut feeling not to upgrade to 7.0.4 but did it anyway. BIG mistake!! I have been wrestling with my IPad’s Wi-Fi home connection for a week now. This fix worked…. for now. It keeps dropping and I doubt I will be upgrading to any “fix” from Apple until it is proven to work!!!

  15. Oh. The reset works for a while, but so does turning the wi-fi off and on again. And, as has been mentioned, when I do the reboot, the airplane button defaults to ‘off’.

  16. OMG!!! This worked for me and I am soooooooo happy because I was really stressed out. My blood presser went up so high I had a headache after reading all the comments. I tried everything I knew about getting it started. Thank You, Thank You so much!!!
    Ps. I am a Happy Camper!

  17. suuuupeer!!!! I worked! yes yes yes. Shame to the Apple Service in Milano Italy. They just told me there’s nothing to do and to throw the Ipad away or pay 230 euros for a substitution.

    Thaks a lot guys I’ll never stop following you


  18. The only thing that works for me is hitting the reset button on my router. Except I have to do it at least twice a day. Sucks!

  19. Thank you so much ipadnerds!! Worked for me. I just had to toggle the Airplane mode though once I restarted the ipad.

  20. hey, i tried it out and i thought it would work, i thought it did but it came up with the wifi name then went back to not connected.. um, not too sure about what to exactly do AHAHAHA

  21. Shame on Apple. But that’s not difficult for me to say…I’m no fan boy. My wife has owned 9 or 10 Apple devices and currently uses an iPhone and both an iPad 2 and a Mini. She loves the stuff though even she admits to annoyances such as frequently having to reset WiFi settings. This is not just an iOS7 issue, her ipad and phone had similar issues with previous versions.

    What lead to this comment is frustration from my niece (staying with us this weekend) who can not connect her Christmas gift to our network. Suggesting that people reboot their routers is an absolutely absurd notion. I have two access points and a sophisticated network of Windows and Linux devices, as well as cameras and multiple media sharing equipment which all function exactly as anticipated. Do you ask Google to reset their servers to help clear a browser cache issue? (That is a rhetorical question)

  22. After upgrading to IOS 7.0.4 was losing Wi-Fi connection about every 3 minutes.
    Doing the airplane mode, resetting the network, and turning the router off & on seems to have worked for me. What a pity Apple can’t provide some kind of explanation, since it appears from several forums that so many people have experienced this problem

  23. I have tried all of these things. Nothing has worked. Deleted Wifi Network, and then re-added it. Still same problem.


    I have had 3 iphones on this wifi and 1 ipad till yesterday. I’ve worked for 3 hours trying to get it re-connected. VERY FRUSTRATED.

  24. I saw this fix on another post and can attest that it works. I suffered from dropped connections and forgotten passwords, on both an Ipad1 and Ipad2, on both a Netgear and a TPlink router. Solution – Always use the Other option to manually enter network name, security type and password.

  25. I have tried this process with no luck still not working. I suddenly lost the internet connection on my iPad yesterday. This is the second time it has happened since the last update. I immediately checked my iPhone and was unable to use wi-fi on that device either but after 30 minutes it started working on the phone. I followed your process above for my iPad but it didn’t work for me. After a couple hours of frustration I plugged it in to charge and for the heck of it tried to connect again and it worked. Now today I have lost connection again. Plugging it in makes no difference so yesterday must of been a coincidence. It seems that I can connect intermittently. So frustrating

  26. This process worked for me, also updated to IOS 7.1, hopefully this update contains improvements and bug fixes as stated by Apple. Thanks again

  27. My iPad will not browse…
    Safari refuses to connect to the internet..
    Went through the wifi rest …
    iPad says it is connected…
    Safari says it is not?????
    I cannot use the iPad to surf Internet because Safari refuses to connect to the Internet.
    But the iPad is connected because my updates update”
    why can’t Apple fix this issue…???

  28. Wi-fi has become weird since update to IOS 7.1, think that was the last update.
    My Ipad will pick up the wifi in one room of the house but when you walk across the hall, the wifi goes out. It will find the neighbors wireless but not mine. Today I had my Ipod laying next to my Ipad, the Ipod connect just find but the Ipad wouldn’t even find the network…. how irritating!! Glad to read I’m not the only one having issues, I thought my Ipad was going out.

  29. Worked great…thanks for the tip.
    I didn’t have any connection issues with my jailbroken iPad4 that is still on 6.1 or something. My daughter’s iPad2 with 7.1 had the problem and this fixed it so it seems that it’s an iOS 7 issue.

  30. its happen a couple days ago. my iPad can’t detected wifi connection. I though that some wrong with the wifi connection but it wasn’t, I phone mobile can detected it . I already tried that way as above but still can not. there is any other way to fix this problem ?

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